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九月份是Perth花開的季節 結婚的high season也從這個月開始❤

新娘是我在教堂很要好的朋友之一。很感恩 今天她和新郎邀請我們去參加他們的結婚禮拜。

婚禮的裝飾以花為主題。 九月的花真的特別美麗。 不知道他們是否也特別選擇了peonies來裝飾。

看著這幅背影 我特別有感觸。不知道爸爸的腦子裡在想些甚麼

大合照在攝影師的相機裡 我當然要來張selfie

祝福你們天天用上帝的愛來愛對方 一起服事 一起在主裡成長。

最後來看看我今天的妝。這幾天溫度突然降了一些, 應該是受了南極方向來的冷風所影響。我的皮膚也好幹。洗好臉後我就馬上噴了NAPCA mist 才塗toner。 之後上future serum 和藍珍珠再噴NACPA, 才上NACPA moisturizer。我就是一直在補水 保溼。

粉底液我加了enhancer 和 future serum。 妝真的很貼。口紅我用了很愛的cha cha red。我的化妝技術是有限公司。我好像找個人教教我怎麼化個更好的妝。誰能幫幫我?


These few nights I was praying to God to show me the purpose of my life in this world. Since we have no kid, I cant build my purpose on my decesdant. So I was very puzzled.

After praying for a few days, this morning I woke up with OCC shoesbox and nourish the children – vitameal.

I hv been supporting OCC for around 10 years now and NTC for about 2 years. I suddenly realised my passion.

Thank you God for showing this to me. I reallg hope that I can help create more smiles and share His love across.

The best time to treat our skin is at night time!

💙our skin repairs itself at night
💙skin cell renewal rate is higher at night
💙skin is more receptive to active ingredients at

And this is my favourite night cream. It blends into my skin smoothly, and it is not greasy. 1 jar of that can easily lasts for 3 mths. 😘


Eventhough I loved my night cream, I wilk still skip my night regime once in a while simply because of laziness😴😴😴

Hopefully not anymore💪💪💪

It is the dryer season again. I used to like the dryer sheet to add abit of fragrance to my clothing. However I found the fragrance is too overpowdering after a while.
Thank goodness to the essential oils that I bought lately. Add a few drops to a old sock which I nearly throw away, my clothing now is fullbof tea tree oil smell 🙂
The best thing is you can really use any essential oil you.

ageLOC Me

Posted on: May 4, 2016

Havnt been here for so long, need to start blogging again.

Really want to say something about my latest purchase – ageLOC Me!


I have to say i really love it~~~~~~~~

It is convenient, it is clean, it is trendy, it is super effective, it saves my time…etc etc.

However today i would like to talk about the serum(s).

💙3 different cartridges to make sure that it delivers more active ingredients than ever before

💙The microlayering technology within the device weaves the customized serums into 40 layers, which means better absorption

💙Serum seperated based on their anti-aging target, meaning u can customised based on your need

Simply place your hand under the pump and the device does the rest!

How wonderful~~~~~~

Went yum cha with my parents on Friday afternoon (9 October 2015).
Both of my parents have been taking Y-span for more than 2 weeks.

Dad went to toilet and mum said to me
Mum: your dad said recently his blood sugar level is good. He wonders whether is your pill. (she meant Y-span).

When dad came back from toilet, he said
Dad: I think ur supplement (he refered to Y-span) is good.
Me: good? Really? How good?
Dad: hmm… I feel ok after taking, and no side effect, which I think is good effect.
Me: 🙂



Posted on: May 28, 2015

下一秒你一句的對不起 我竟然有點感動的想哭
對不起這3個字要從你口中說出來 我相信真的很不容易
你剛動完手術 心情起伏不定
碰到我們3大3小 唧唧歪歪  無敵興奮看見親人回來
無心滴 我們吵到了你
我心裡很不滿 覺得你很無理取鬧
大家心情都不好 不是只有你有權力發脾氣
你撥開簾子 直接就要求我們原諒

趕快康復 回到愛你的家人當中



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